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I'm a lover of books and music. I love getting lost in a would where things bumb in the night. There is nothing better than sitting in my favorite chair, sipping coffee reading! I enjoy reading Just about anything in the romance category, with paranormal being at the top of my list. I love talking books and finding new authors to read!
Tease Me - Melissa Schroeder
Melissa did it again. How this woman is able to put emotions on paper and have the reader feel them always amazes me!  
Tease Me was a funny and sexy read. I liked the hard headed nature of both Bran and Tess. You could tell they knew each other so well and what to do to push each others buttons.  At one point i wanted to smack them both! LOL!  You could just tell they belonged together. 
I loved seeing the past characters that we have come know and love.
Tease me is a great start to this spin off series.  I am already looking forward to reading Tempt Me!
I received an e copy of this book In return for an honest review