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Bound By Night - Larissa Ione

Larissa Ione gave us a twist of what it means to be a vampires in Bound By Night.  Yes they are still strong as all get out. They have powers that humans don’t and have the need of blood.  They are still the sexy vampires that we have come to love.  Ms. Ione has created a world where vampires are enslaved and persecuted.  Vampire are captured tested on, trained and made to be servants to humans.  

With that being said, I really liked this book.  Putting the vampire as a lesser being in human eyes, and making them fight for what they want and need. I loved the Native American tones set into the book.  Ms. Ione has done a wonderful job of building this new vampire world.  I am a sucker for world building, Bound By Night doesn't let down. I look forward to see what is going to be happening for the MoonBound Clan.

As I enjoyed our lead lady and vamp, however some of the secondary characters of the story really stood out for me. Nicole and Riker are fighting the same battle on opposite sides of the coin. Each of them dealing with loss in the past from vampires for her, humans for him.    Watching these two hardheaded people try to work through the issues of their past, while dealing with the proverbial shit hitting the fan, while trying not to feel the raging emotions that are coming from both of them was quite entertaining.

Myne is the big scary guy you want to have around when you need to intimidate someone.  He's silent and deadly. We get a glimpse of his past and this book that makes me definitely want to read more about him.

Hunter, the clans leader.  He is always willing to do what is right for his clan.  Sexy and a bit mysterious, I really want to learn more about Hunter.

Bound By Night is a great start to this series.  Action that kept me turning the pages.  A different way of life for vampires.  Great world building!  Hands down, it was a good book!